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O’Haire Trailers is proud to present the HB403 Single Horsebox from Ifor Williams for sale in Mayo. With its extra width and ample headroom to carry one horse up to 16.2 hands in height the HB403 provides more stall width than our double horsebox models.

The advantages of a narrower trailer include it being easier to tow which in turn produces less wind resistance when towing allowing for a comfortable ride on Irish roads. The HB403 single horse box from Ifor Williams is suitable for carrying nervous horses that like a wider stall to feel more comfortable in.

The HB403 is ideal for transporting nervous horses that require a wider stall and may prefer to travel alone.

Model Tyres Gross Weight Unladen Weight Internal Length Internal Width Overall Length Overall Width
HB403 155R13C / 165R13C 1600kg 767kg 3.08m 1.30m 4.36m 1.76m
HB506 165R13C 2600kg 920kg 3.16m 1.67m 4.30m 2.13m
HB511 165R13C 2700kg 1000kg 3.52m 1.79m 4.65m 2.26m

HB403 Single Horsebox. As a single horsebox, the HB403 provides more stall width than our double horsebox models and offers enough headroom to take one 16.2hh horse. Being a narrower trailer, the HB403 is easier to tow and produces less wind resistance when towing.

Various options and accessories are available for your trailer. Some may need to be ordered with your trailer as a factory fit item, while others can be purchased at a later date. Please check with your distributor before ordering.

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