Vehicle Canopy (Solid Panel)

Model Details

O’Haire Trailers introduces the Ifor Williams range of vehicle canopies for sale in Ireland. Our Canopies are produced from the same high strength, durable materials as our trailers – high grade aluminium for the framework and panels, and hot dip galvanized steel for the tailgate and hinges.

Ifor Williams Canopies are strong, tough, built to last and are exceptional value for money. A versatile side access door is available for most pick-up and trailer canopies. The door can be fitted to the drivers’ side or passenger’s side between any of the roof channels.

Ifor Williams Pick-up Canopies are available for a wide selection of Pick-Up vehicles. Details of which canopies are available can be downloaded from the Canopies brochure. If your vehicle model is not listed, please speak to your local distributor who will be able to advise you on availability.

So that we can offer increased flexibility to our customers, each canopy model is offered with a rear meshgate, aluminium door with window or an aluminium door without a window.

Spare parts are available to order for your chosen canopy. Items can be purchased through our parts shop at O’Haire Trailers.